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Sony Ericsson M600i: A Mobile For The 21St Century Businessman

by: Bradlly Ben

Sony has done it again. It has surpassed excellence like it has done in the past. Sony has just launched Sony Ericsson M600i which is especially made to perfection for the 21st century businessman. This mobile is another beauty from Sony in the range of the communicator mobiles.

Sony Ericsson M600i has got touch screen navigation which makes one navigate through the phone menu in a very convenient manner with the help of a stylus. All you need to do is to just tap on any option on the menu and the application is opened.

Due to the presence of features like Edge, GSM in Sony Ericsson M600i the internet access is very easy. E-mails can be send at the speed of lightening from any place and without wasting any precious time. With this mobile you can always stay in touch with important business clients. Sony Ericsson M600i has UMTS makes the internet download speeds very high.

It has got features like business data exchange. With this feature digital business cards containing the phone numbers and addresses can be exchanged

Other special features of Sony Ericsson M600i this handset include: conference calling, notes and tasks.

“Conference calling” can be used for multi-party calling. One can also write notes and save them in this phone like a note pad .The function “task” works like your business secretary and shows the list of things to be done. The list is endless. Company intranet can also be accessed on this phone. Also calls can be attended simultaneously while surfing the net. So no calls are missed when you are surfing the net

Another application of Sony Ericsson M600i is completely incredible. Print commands can be given from this phone to a nearby attached printer to print the relevant documents. So, relevant attachments with the e-mails can now be printed.


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